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The Official Website for Westchester County Government



Defining Leadership

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"Westchester County is a unique place. Our home county is fortunate to possess a wealth of talented, successful individuals; a strategic location adjacent to New York City; geography blessed by rolling hills, the mighty Hudson River and lovely L.I. Sound." Read the CE's welcome.


County Seeks to Preserve Local Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a major contributing factor to a balanced and well-functioning county and in turn, its communities and neighborhoods. To that end, Westchester County undertook this Housing Needs Assessment to establish a data-based foundation for the creation and preservation of affordable housing in Westchester County.. -- George Latimer, County Executive. Establishment of Housing Needs Assessment.


Moving Forward in Westchester

#MyWestchester Youtube Video

#MyWestchester Youtube Video


Westchester County Working For You

Every County department is hard at work for the nearly one million people who call Westchester home.

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The Westchester County Department of Public Safety is accepting applications for seasonal park rangers. Uniformed park rangers work under the supervision of county police officers to maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere in the County’s parks.
Westchester County Airport - also known as HPN - is one of the country's most active business aviation facilities. But, it also is the home to several commercial discount airlines serving the local population for personal travel. So next time when your travel plans include air, consider HPN.
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It's time for the seasonal flu shot. Individuals of all ages should consider getting one. Help prevent the spread of the flu: cover your mouth when coughing, stay home when ill, wash hands regularly, among other precautionary suggestions.

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